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Contracts and Grants

Contract and  grants, are legally enforceable written agreements between the State of Vermont and another party, by which the State remits monies to said party for the procurement of goods and/or services, or for the support or benefit of Vermonters.  Contracts are more commonly used in business type relationships such as: hiring a construction company to build a bridge, pave a highway, license the use of proprietary software, provide advertising services, purchase office supplies, and purchase food for inmates, etc.  Grants are more commonly used for the support of persons eligible for a State provided program or benefit (substance abuse programs, foster care, etc.) or to promote the common good of communities (downtown development, funding the arts, etc.).  Agency of Administration Bulletins 3.5 and 5 establish the State’s policies (rules) for procurement, contracting, grant making, approvals, and tracking of contracts and grants. 


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