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Revenue Results and Targets


Personal Income Taxes are the largest source of General Fund revenue. Other major sources of State tax revenue include Property Taxes, Sales and Use Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Rooms and Meals Tax, Gasoline Tax, and Diesel Tax. State fees and permit revenue include monies paid to register a vehicle, obtain a sewer permit, enter and use a State Park campsite, and so on.

Revenue is segregated by funding source (State or Federal) and is often reported by component (a group or type of revenue). The State forecasts (estimates) and monitors revenue for all of a portion of the three major State funds:  General Fund (all), Transportation Fund (non-dedicated portion), and the Education Fund (non-property tax portion).  At least twice a year, in January and July, the Vermont Emergency Board reviews and officially adopts the State’s Consensus Revenue Forecast. The Emergency Board members include the Governor and four Legislative "Money" Chairs: House Appropriations; House Ways and Means; Senate Appropriations; and Senate Finance.


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