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Calendar of Publications

Budget Data and Charts

January, June, and September.

Budget Operating Summaries

January, June, and September.

Budget Reports and Publications, Governor’s Executive Budget Recommendation Books


Revenue Data and Charts

Monthly Actual vs. Target; Forecasts February (for January Forecast), and August (for July Forecast).

Expenditures Data and Charts

Quarterly vendor payments (quarterly 45 days after quarter end).

Employee compensation and employee count (monthly)

Contracts and Grants

Contracts and Grants Data and Charts

Semi-annually by February (1st half FY, July 1 - December 31st) and September (Full FY, July 1 - June 30th)

Financial and Audit Reports, CAFR

Annually in January (for FY ended the prior June 30th).

Financial and Audit Reports, Single Audit

Annually in March (for FY ended the prior June 30th).


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