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Employee Base Compensation

The data contained herein represents State employee compensation, projected for the year, at the base salary or hourly wage rates.  Salary items such as cost of living increases, merit pay, overtime, bonus, workers compensation payments, earned compensation time, or any other salary-like payments beyond base pay are not included.  Only employees in service, as of the first day of the current year are included.  No updates will be made during the year for new hires, retirement, termination, leave of absence or other employment separation.

Compensation, Present Employees

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Total Compensation and Expenses FY2015-2020


The data set containing this information changed in 2015. Because of this, starting with fiscal year 2015, the data is in a new data set with additional benefits data not included in the 2009-2014 data.

Total Pay and Expenses FY2009-2014




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