Vendor Payments

Vendor payments are made principally through the VISION Statewide financial system.  The payments shown here are exclusive of direct payments to state employees for salaries, benefits, and reimbursable expenses; any payments deemed confidential by State and/or federal statutes and rules, or the confidential nature of the recipients of certain payments, like direct program benefit payments.  Approximately 1% of all non-employee payments are excluded under the expenditure section for vendor payments. 

Although Finance and Management maintains the VISION statewide financial system, agencies and departments are responsible for entering transactions for their units into the VISION system.  While VISION is the State’s principal financial system, it is not the sole financial system in use by the State and its agencies and departments. In addition, detail on payment transactions may have been eliminated from certain reports contained herein due to the confidential nature of these payments.

Note: Payments made by the Office of the State Treasurer, Department of Taxes, Department of Labor, and the Agency of Human Services may represent the movement of funds for electronic payments (i.e. wires, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, etc.) distributed to multiple payees and beneficiaries by these units of government on behalf of the State of Vermont.  For additional payment details, please contact the State agency or department (business unit) generating the payment. 

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