Performance Accountability

RBA NEWSLETTER:  2016 - 2015

Performance Accountability: Following an initial programmatic performance budget reporting pilot, part of the FY 2015 Governor's Recommended Budget submission, the Legislature passed 2014 Act 186 - Population-Level Outcomes and Indicators [click here].  Act 186, signed into law on June 11, 2014, expanded the use of performance accountability into the annual Vantage budget development system submission, for the Executive Branch.

The State's Chief Performance Officer (CPO) is charged with overseeing the estimated 3 to 5 year implementation of this initiative, supported by the Legislative, the Executive Branch, and a number of Vermont non-profit early adopters.  The State's roll-out of a performance accountability methodology began with the appointment and training of agency and department Performance Accountability Liaisons (PALs) in July 2014. The FY 2017 Governor's Budget Recommendations include performance measures for more than 60 programs/activities (up from 13 submitted for FY 2015).  Annual Progress Reports are due to the General Assemble each July. Ultimately, the goal is for agencies, departments and the State to have on-line scorecards (dashboards) showing outcomes/results tied to performance measures and budgets, at the program/activity level, for all major programs/activities.  The graphic below illustrates the relationships of Outcomes, Indicators, Strategies, Programs/Function and Budget.  For reference, see the list of Population-Level Outcomes and related Indicators, maintained by the Legislative Government Accoutability Committee (CAG) [click here]. Note: Reports may contain chnages suggested to GAC but not adopted by the General Assembly as of this date.

Currently, the Agency of Human Services (AHS) is working to implement on-line scorecards, for all AHS departments.  Within AHS, the Department of Health (VDH) has the longest history and most experience using scorecards (dashboards). VDH's scorecards (dashboards) may be accessed at: (scroll down to Healthy Vermonter Toolkit).

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