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On January 5, 2017, Governor Phil Scott's first day in office, he established the Program to Improve Vermont Outcomes Together (PIVOT) in E.O. 17-04, as part of his Government Modernization and Efficiency plan.   PIVOT combines the use of two performance improvement methodologies, Results-Based Accountability (RBA) and the Lean, into a unified effort focused on the Governor's three primary strategic Outcomes: Growing the Economy;  Making Vermont Affordable; and Protecting the Vulnerable.  RBA has been in use by the Agency of Human Services for several years and, and more broadly across state government as of result of the Legislature's passage of 2014 Act 186.  [Click here for a current list of: Population-Level Outcomes and Indicators].  Lean has been used for the last few years in the Department of Environmental Conservation and more recently in the Agency of Transportation.  However, use of both methodologies lacked two key elements: an executive mandate; and a strategic focus.  In establishing PIVOT, Governor  Scott has provided both the mandate and the strategic focus.

The State's Chief Performance Officer (CPO) is charged with overseeing the implementation of PIVOT.  PIVOT will leverage and align with the strategic Outcomes and Indicators enacted by the Legislative.  The goal of PIVOT is to change how we view the business of state government from traditional individual "silos" of Agencies, Departments, Divisions and appropriations a broader view of:

What Services do we provide (Service Domains)? How do we deliver those Services (Programs)? What does it take to manage Programs (activities and processes)? 

Based on this overview, the resulting Strategic Action Plan  will look to improve targeted programmatic processes and results as well as tracking and reporting on the achievement of our strategic goals.  A statewide Outcomes Dashboard, as well as an Open Data site are key primary goals for PIVOT.   Looking forward, we are studying how to move from our traditional "last year plus" budget to a more informative Outcomes-Based Budget model. 

You can't improve what you can't measure, and you can't measure without data. 

Strategic Planning, Performance Management and Budgeting should function as an integrated system with Strategic Outcomes driving the goals, informing the budget and being monitored with Performance Management.


Results First Initiative - PEW-MacArthur Multi-State

For several years, Vermont has participated in the PEW-MacArthur Results Fist Initiative.  It is an evidenced based benefit-cost analysis of comparable program  results across states.  Two reports are available for the Criminal Justice Program: VT Criminal Justice Program Inventory and VT Criminal Justice Preliminary Results.

Programmatic Budget Performance Measures

Programmatic Performance Measure Budget Report

PIVOT (established E.O. 04-17)

Program to Improve Vermont Outcomes Together


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